Day 1 and I am already scared…

Ok, how do people do this? Seriously! I’m asking here! 

I have been described in many, many different and colourful throughout the years, but I can say with some certainty that “lost for ways words” has never been one of them. 

So why have I been looking at the screen for the past hour totally dumbstruck? Is this normal? First blog nerves? Was this a mistake? 

Maybe I should just let you know what types of post you can expect to find here. This can at least offer ME some insight into what to post in the future right? Right!

Well, you can expect pictures! When you are surrounded by beautiful landscapes and you are a Mumma to very special Springer Spaniel (you will meet him later) there is a lot of opportunity for some photography fun. 


I am totally obsessed with Pinterest! There may well be some epic Pinterest failure posts in our future!!

I love making things. This kind of ties in with my aforementioned love of pinning. I get a lot of inspiration from fellow crafty people and I love to try new things and new mediums whenever I can.

I am a very silly person and I always try to find humour and joy in all aspects of life, but occasionally I can get serious. There are lot of issues I am passionate about and I will no doubt talk about them here at some point, but rest assured, for every serious post I make, there will be a minimum of 3 funny animal posts!

Well…. I guess I made it. First post in the bag! I hope this gets easier for all our sake’s!! 

Stick around…. you might have fun!


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