I love Winter… and you can’t stop me!


I have always loved this time of year. Short days, long nights. Wrapping up warm, open fires, fluffy socks, cuddles on the sofa. Hot chocolate, home-made soup and of course…. Christmas. I am one of the few people that daydream of frosty mornings while sat on a beach in the middle of July.

Not that there is anything particularly wrong with the Summer! I enjoy the beach and beer gardens. I love long evenings bbq-ing with friends. And my birthday is in July, so I always have something to look forward to. I have just never been overly comfortable with the heat and I happen to live in a high tourist area, so stress levels can be increased as the mercury rises and that is just not fun for me.  

The first Autumn chill stirs the dormant part of my Winter-loving soul and there is always a palpable change in my outlook. As the ‘Ber’ months progress, my mood and demeanor elevate. As a bear may prepare himself for the long sleep of hibernation, I start to awaken from the slow slog of summer  refreshed and with renewed energy. This is my time. 

Not everyone feels this way and every year, those that would wholeheartedly disagree with me, take every opportunity to tell me so. I don’t mind this one bit. It is usually done in a lighthearted way by those who have known me for years and if I am honest, I kind of enjoy it.

There is however, a small percentage of people that are just plain miserable. I am not talking about those that suffer from S.A.D (I have a few  friends that have this and it is not at all what I am referring to here).

I mean miserable. Grumpy, dreary, sour, sullen, crotchety and in some cases just plain rude!

If I dare say I enjoy the rain, I will be the reason they have caught a cold because they were out in it. If I say the dawn frost is beautiful, I will be to blame for their cold feet because they had to walk to work in it. I think you see where I am going here…

Those people are never going to convince me that the Winter is bad or an inconvenience. Winter is beautiful, and I love it. 





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