My name is Suzi, and I am a premature decorator.

It is November 30th and today, I finished decorating and getting my home ready for the festive season. I started on November 21st


For the past 10 days I have been repeatedly told that it is November. As if, at the ripe old age of 34, I have yet to master the insidiously complex workings of a calendar. Well…. I know it is November. But thanks for making sure I knew. 

Decorating for the holidays has become such a divisive issue in recent years. This is in no small way due to the retail industry and their rush to ensure you spend your hard earned money in their stores. Yay for consumerism. There are Santa’s and Elves creeping onto shelves alongside (and sometimes earlier than) Ghosts and Skeletons for Halloween and I do completely understand the frustrations that many people feel when it seems like the stores are wishing away the year while holding their hands out for your money. 


However my sympathy for these frustrations ceases with immediate effect  when they are then turned on me and my decision to decorate MY home earlier than these self-righteous assholes   keyboard warriors deem to be appropriate. 

There are so many differing  ideas about when to start decorating and many families have their own, very personal and special traditions. Some wait until the school holidays, for some it is the 12 days of Christmas and some opt for the first weekend in December.

The Victorians would put their tree up on Christmas Eve, and in Pre-Christian times (yeah, this isn’t just a season to celebrate religion y’know) branches were brought into the home as soon as it got cold and they stayed there until the first signs of spring. 

There is no wrong or right time to decorate your home. It is YOUR home. This quite unequivocal fact doesn’t seem to compute with some people though does it?

Posting online about your incomprehension and disgust at people who choose to decorate their homes for the holidays earlier than you think they should is both ridiculous and childish. Forcing people to feel they have to explain themselves and their actions to you, is nothing short of bullying and I am wholeheartedly sick of it.

“Oh but putting them up so early means it is not special for the family when Christmas Day arrives”


Firstly, who are you to tell me (or anyone) what is or is not special? I have been known to completely lose my shit with happiness at a random Wednesday and I moonlight as a Unicorn… so kindly keep your morose and mundane “normalcy” away from me… you might get it on my sparkly shoes!

Secondly, and I am speaking for myself here… that tree is not what makes  Christmas Day special for me and my family. The lights, the glitter, the sparkle, the presents wrapped in beautiful paper with gloriously curled ribbon… these are all just pretty extras. What makes it special for me IS my family. It is the time we spend together. Laughing, watching movies, singing songs, eating food, playing games. Together. If you think that the value of time spent with loved ones can in some way be diminished by the length of time that your tree has been up, then I feel there are more pressing issues in your life that you should be addressing. Seriously.

I start decorating my home the Saturday before my little towns Christmas lights are switched on (which usually falls on the last Friday in November). It is a day my husband and I spend with friends. It is our tradition and I love it. I will not apologize and will not change. 

I am a premature decorator and I am damn proud of it!

Now if you will kindly excuse me, I have cookies to bake, presents to make and a big crazy family to love. 

Happy Holidays!






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