The gift of giving…

I love giving people presents. Love it!


Birthdays, Christmas, Anniversaries….. Thursdays. Any excuse to show someone I love that I am thinking of them in any small way makes me happy.

Sadly, as I have gotten older, I have come to realise that the art of gift giving isn’t really a “thing” anymore. People are far more inclined to just ask you what you want for Christmas and then just buy it for you. There are no surprises anymore. There is no real time and effort put into it. The whole process has become impersonal and cold. As if it is nothing more than an obligation instead of something to savour and enjoy. 

I admit that sometimes, you just have no choice but to ask. Some people are just an absolute nightmare to find gifts for (I am totally talking about my husband here) and the only way to ensure that they will truly appreciate and enjoy what you give them is to ask them what they would like. In these instances I try to get at least 5 suggestions and then I will pick one so at least there is a teeny bit of a surprise left!

This year I made the decision to vastly reduce the number of people I was going to give gifts to, and then to hand make as many of the gifts as I could. There were 2 main reasons for this.

Firstly, the money. The amount of money that people spend over the holiday season is astronomical. £3 Billion in one weekend! And so very much of it is a waste. The notion that the higher the price tag the more you are loved is obscene and the competition to have the most presents under the tree results in a lot of money being spent on pointless items that will be forgotten by New Years. 

Secondly I really wanted to make more of an effort. I wanted to give a loved one a gift that I have put my time and heart (and in one case blood and tears…. sewing is not really a skill I have) in to. I wanted them to open their presents and know that they are receiving more than just 15 minutes spent perusing Amazon. I wanted to do more than just “Add to Cart” this year. 

With 10 days left until Christmas Day, I have finished a couple of gifts and I have about 4 that need finishing off, not too bad considering I didn’t start until the 2nd of December! (I will post about what I made  after they have been given) Next year I think I will start earlier in the year….. it is definitely going to be easier on my sanity!!!!

My decision to make gifts this year has already rubbed off on a few of my friends. Maybe next year more people will get on board with notion that gift giving is about more than price tags and wishlists. 

And the best thing….. even if they don’t really like what you make them, they will always love that YOU made it. 

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