New Year, Same Old Me…..ish.

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It is here! The day that everyone gets to fill various social media outlets with inspirational quotes, ruminate on the past 12 months and make sweeping declarations about their hopes, dreams and plans for the year to come.

The fact that I am even writing here today kinda proves this, no?


I love New Year. I love any opportunity for a fresh start. For a clean slate. Any chance to stop and really assess the path and direction of my life, I take it! They say that you can’t change the past you can only learn from it and with that in mind I think taking a moment to look back over the past year can be both therapeutic and enlightening.

One definite theme to my 2015 was the concept of getting older. They say time moves quicker the older you get, but I think in reality you just slow down and so the world seems to fly past you. The more content you are in life, the slower you go. There is no need to rush to the next big thing, the next milestone, because you are happy right where you are.

School, making lots of friends, 18, University, job, 21, engaged, mortgage, career, married, babies. All these things are crammed into a very short space at the beginning of your life. Then what? Then you spend the rest of your years trying to maintain it all. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not. This year will be the 12th one I have spent with my wonderful, annoying, perfectly flawed, husband. The first 6 years were incredibly hectic. Lots of things happened, some good, some bad, some very bad. The last 6 have definitely been better. We got married, we have been slowly but surely rebuilding our home and we have found ourselves slowly settling comfortably into a happy life together. We have grown together, we have built the life we want together and we are happy. 

Countless times throughout 2015 I found myself having hilarious conversations with a dear friend about our lives and about getting older. Her insistence that her awesome, unique and colourful dress sense should give way to the entire Dulux beige colour palette now that she is almost 40 and the fact that I am only 34 and I find myself using the phrases “when I was younger” and “I remember when” a lot in reference to how much things have changed over the years has been the source of much amusement, but I wouldn’t change it. 

download …………. Um. No.

I used to think getting older would be awful, now I love it. It is the best! Yeah, it comes with responsibilities, but it also comes with naps! And who doesn’t love naps? *

When I was in my early 20s, NYE was all about getting wrecked with my friends, regretting it for the next week as I slowly recover from whatever debauchery we engaged in. Now, not so much. Now, I am in the middle of my 30s and I much prefer a Cup of Tea to a G&T.**

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I am not remotely ashamed of this.

So now it is January 1st. Ruminations are done. Forward I look. 

I never make resolutions. I don’t like the word. Resolute. Unchanging. Single-minded. It leaves no room to grow and change and adapt to whatever craziness life throws your way. I prefer to set flexible guidelines for myself. Last year I, like many others, set myself the task of losing a bit of weight. I didn’t want to be skinny! I do not think thigh-gaps are a good thing (and neither does any man I know, by the way!). I just wanted to get healthier. I was diagnosed as asthmatic at the start of the year and I felt the need to improve my overall health. I am starting 2016 just over a stone lighter than I started 2015 so I am proud of my achievement and I intend to continue to strive to be healthier over the coming year.

I also set myself one other important goal for 2015. Happiness. To be happy, to love more, to dismiss negativity and be as positive and optimistic as I can. There has been, and always will be negative people out there. Miserable, moaning people that must always see the bad in any situation. I have no time for them in my life. I have my bad days, we all do. And on those days I may spend an hour or 2 unable to see the positive in anything, but then I will look at my husband, or my dog,or I will get a funny text and I will be reminded that I have an amazing life filled with amazing people and then I smile. I will be continuing this awesome attitude to life into the new year too!


2016 is going to be GREAT. It is going to be great because I will make it great. You can only expect to get out what you put in. So make sure you put in your best. 

Happy New Year.

xx Suzi xx

*  3yr old’s don’t like naps so I hear. They will learn.

** I actually hate tonic. I drink Gin and Orange. I am just a sucker for a               rhyming pun. 



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