February fun.


Wow. I seem to have blinked and missed January!

This makes me happy.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against January. It is a fine month. After all the glitter, sparkle and noise of December, January sweeps in and brings with it a cool crisp air of renewal, relaxation and fresh beginnings. It is the starting line of a unmarked road.


Just as New Year is a great time for reflecting on the year past and contemplating the year ahead, I find January a good month to relax and recharge both physically and mentally. While many a person (with very good intentions) flock to gyms with hopes of undoing the over-indulgences of the season, I prefer to spend the first 1/12th of the year doing as little as possible add this year I actually managed it!

0875a08e688eeb6f12b5289e60cfae5a…this is me.

A whole month of blissful laziness! It was wonderful. Walks along the coast. Lunch dates. Shopping trips. Days spent in my pajamas binge-watching Netflix. Testing new recipes and generally getting more than 9 hours sleep a night!I totally succumbed to the concept of rest and relaxation and I can’t begin to describe how fantastic it has made me feel.

And now, seemingly out of nowhere, it is February! I have had a month to consider the things I would like to achieve and now it is time to start making them happen.

You should of seen the look on my husbands face when I walked in with pots of paint earlier today….







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