Love and stuff….


February may be the shortest month on the calendar, but it certainly packs in the occasions for lots of people to get excited about!. Groundhog Day , Chinese New Year, Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday for those that want to get all snippy about it.), Ash Wednesday, The Superbowl, Mardi Gras, My Mums birthday and of course, St Valentines Day.

Now with the obvious (and totally understandable) exceptions of Pancake Day and My Mums birthday, the most important day for a lot of people (except for possibly the Chinese) is Valentines Day. February 14th is a day  filled with roses, chocolates, teddy bears and jewellery. Lots of squishy, cliche filled love quotes on Social Media sites and countless Instagrams of fancy dinners or shiny new diamonds on important fingers. 


Ok, not a diamond. Nor taken on Valentines Day. I just love this picture of my engagement ring on my wedding day so I am using it to make a point. 😀

I love everything about V-Day. Perhaps it is the hopeless romantic in me….. or quite possibly the evil bitch that loves to see people panic buying forecourt roses and a box of Milk Tray at 11pm the night before. Either way this Hallmark Holiday never fails to amuse and delight me even though I rarely (if ever) actually receive any of the aforementioned gifts from my Husband. 

No, my Husband and I are not ones for “conventional” romance. We are in our 12th year together and to be honest the idea of him turning up on our doorstep armed with a dozen roses and giant teddy bear that sings a cheesy love song when squeezed, quite frankly HORRIFIES me.!!!!!1348dce309c8848d444ff15141976f69


That being said, I have had a wonderful Valentines Weekend with my Husband. He has to work on the actual V-Day so we shuffled our plans forward a couple of days. 

We don’t do fancy restaurants that have 6 month waiting lists. We do huge steak and all the trimmings in at our local pub. 

We don’t do overpriced bunches of roses that will probably wilt within 2 days (seriously, a 70% price hike on some bouquets I have found!). I got lovely happy daffodils. £1 a bunch. Bargain. 

We don’t do lavish boxes of chocolates with fancy names and weird gooey centers. We do big bags of Malteasers or whatever happens to be on offer in Tesco.

We don’t do tickets to the theater. We do a blu-ray and cuddles on the sofa. 

And we don’t do lace knickers and silk boxers. We do comfy jimmers and fluffy socks.

None of this means that we don’t care about romance. It means that we know what romance means to us and we know how to make each other happy. Some couples can go a lifetime without ever really getting to that point and I am grateful to be married to a man that gets me and my quirky ways.

I love Valentines Day. I love my ridiculous husband. I love Love.  

Oh. And I really love pancakes.




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