Live your best life….


Spring is definitely here. Bluebells and cherry blossoms are blooming, my garden is coming back to life after a long and wet winter, the clocks have gone forward and I am feeling refreshed, rejuvenated and happy. I have been spending my time lately being creative and as the title says….. living my best life.


Today would of been my Mother-in-Laws birthday. She would of been 71 years old.  Today is also the anniversary of her passing. She sadly lost her battle with cancer on her 65th birthday. To say that she was a strong woman, would be to vastly undersell her. She was a force of nature. Though tiny in stature, she could (and would!) command a room with ease. She could turn surly grown men into polite little boys with no more than a look and it was an awesome sight to see. 


Of all the things she taught me (and she taught me a lot!) the one thing that always sticks with me is that life is to be lived and lived well!

Born in 1945 in a little village in Scotland, one could be forgiven for thinking her life was not destined to be filled with glamour, but she got herself an amazing education, she traveled the world, she fell in love in Sri Lanka (which resulted in my husbands existence 😀 ) and despite being forced to leave her love behind because of the war there, she built herself a new life and became a well respected and admired member of the community.

Her attitude to life, her style and her gregarious personality made her somewhat of a local celebrity and she would love nothing more than to host lavish dinner parties for people and share with them her love of fine wines, exotic foods and world culture.


It was because of her that I discovered my love for the ballet. She took me to Paris and introduced me to proper champagne and gave me my first taste of oysters, fresh off the boat. I ate in restaurants frequented by royalty and on one occasion, I enjoyed a dessert made with actual gold. She was a firm believer in savoring the finer things in life and that they were there to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of how humble your roots may of been.

This kind of brings me back round to the title of this little meandering warble. 



Life is incredibly short and all too often people waste it without even realizing it.

Staying in a bad relationship because they fear being alone. Staying in a job that makes you miserable because of the money. Never trying anything new because you are too afraid of failing. All these things are taking away opportunities to be happy and to love your life.

Do you really want to be one of those  “cant wait for the weekend” people that are wishing their lives away because they hate their jobs? Or do you want to be someone who wakes up happy every day? Now, obviously I know that life can be expensive and people have to work to make a living, but you should never be so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. 

If you are lucky, you will get 80 years on this little blue marble. The first 20 will be taken up with standardized education and development. Those other 60 are all on you. You can stop growing and learning when you leave school or you can make everyday an opportunity to learn something new, be that about yourself or the world around you. 

You are the boss of your life. So act like it. Don’t wander mindlessly through it and then complain that it isn’t what you want.

Have that other slice of cake. Buy the shoes. Take an unplanned road trip with friend. Tell your secret crush how you feel. Take a course in spoon whittling. Learn to juggle. Spend a day in bed reading a book. Climb a mountain. Bake a cake. 

Live your best life. Whatever that may be. 





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