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Falling For Fall…

When I started this blog malarky I had every intention of writeing something new each and every month. That was my schedule. Well, it has been 8 weeks since I last wrote anything and I have been struggling to figure out why.

It certainly hasn’t been because of my hectic life schedule. And it is not for a lack of news. My younger brother and his wonderful partner welcomed a baby boy into their family on August 1st, an addition I will forever be grateful for as it gives my Mother the grandchild she has always wanted and I am firmly in the “ChildFree” camp! (That’s a whole other subject to be discussed at a later date.)

So what could be the reason for my lack of prose and what is prompting me to put finger to keyboard now?

Well…. I think it could be this…..

Me too Daryl.. me too. 

I have never been shy about my feelings for Summer. It is, by far, my least favourite time of year. Always has been. I think I may be some kind of bear…. only I hibernate in the Summer instead of the Winter.

Perhaps it is living in Cornwall. The sudden influx of tourists and holiday-makers making everything seem so frantic and noisy and messy. Perhaps it is the Summer holidays? All the children I so dutifully try to avoid are free to roam the streets again. The heat? Whatever the reason, the Summer is definitely NOT where I like to be. It makes me slow, lethargic and simply uninterested in anything. Even my garden failed to hold my interest much this year!


And then…..


The tourist scurry back up the A30 and over the Tamar Bridge, the children ready themselves for a new year at school and the temperatures (and leaves) start to drop.

September 22nd was officially the first day of Autumn. This morning, when I took my dog out for his morning walk the sky was bright blue, not a cloud to be seen and the sun was shining so brilliantly that you would be forgiven for thinking it was a hot June day. However, there was definitely frosty dew on my plants and my breath was visible in the air. The knowledge that Summer was behind me and the days would be marching swiftly on and into Winter has definitely boosted my spirits!

I suddenly find myself thinking about soup recipes and winter knits. Wool tights and cute ankle boots. Cinnamon, apples, pumpkins and rhubarb. Reds, golds, greens. Walking through the woods and along the wild coastlines that I am so fortunate enough to live so close to. I feel positively jubilant. Renewed. Like I am waking from a humid, sweaty slumber. I am home. 


The shops start filling their aisles with Halloween sweets and Christmas supplies, the clothes racks full to bursting with this seasons warm and cosy fashions. Hats, scarves and mittens are always close to hand and the flip flops give way to fluffy socks and welly boots. Each change bringing with it another deeply satisfied smile from me. 

Hopefully, this change in the season will boost my creativity in more ways than one. I hope to write more, to feel more at one with myself. I plan on creating more art, be that photography or drawing or crocheting. I feel that I am waking from a sleepy haze and each day brings with it more energy and motivation. 

So thank you Autumn. 



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