And Relax…..ish.

9pm. Sunday December 25th 2016.

Yes folks, today is Christmas Day, and as it draws to a close I find myself snuggled up on the sofa, snoring husband to my left, snoring Doggo to my right, a slight ache in my stomach from food and a warm tingly feeling of utter contentment radiating through me. (Yes, it could be the half bottle of Baileys I have consumed, but lets go with the contentment shall we?)

December has been a strange one for me. Usually it is a whirlwind of jingle bells, candy canes, and more holiday cheer than you can handle, but this year I have been unfortunate enough to catch the lurgy. Yep, from the day I got my flu jab (ironically) in November! I have been a very poorly girl. Bronchitis, Sinus infections, Ear infections…. on top of being asthmatic. NOT FUN AT ALL. Especially when I had committed to hand-making some Christmas presents again this year. Despite my best efforts, as I sit here typing this, I am 2 presents short. Obviously, both recipients are more than understanding and will be receiving their presents a little late, but definitely IN 2016. I hope.

This is just a flying update as I am sure I will be warbling on… at length…. after New Years. So until then. I hope you are as content as I, and if not, I hope you find it soon.



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